Technical Facilities

In 2018, courtesy of a Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council grant, we were able to update our tech facilities including but not restricted to, a brand new PA/sound system, state of the art lighting capabilities.

**For a FULL technical specification ahead of your event, please contact our office team directly**



  • The proscenium arch stage is usually extended with a metrodeck apron stage for stage shows, orchestras, etc. This apron can be set up in various formats as requested by the user.
  • Rostra are available.
  • There is a mid-stage running tab and other aluminium bars.
  • All stage curtains are black in colour with the main tabs being red in colour.
  • Backstage is painted entirely black to minimise distractions from the wings.
  • There is limited but easily workable wing’s space for scenery storage and props at side-stage.
  • 12 x 6x4ft Risers (6 at 200mm & 6 at 400mm)
  • Additional Fixtures including intelligent units can be supplied upon request
  • The lighting and sound desks can be installed at the rear left of the auditorium.
  • There is a position on the rear right-hand side of the tiered seating for a hired in follow spot
  • Stage Extension (1/2, single, 1 1/2 or double extension available) – Impacts Auditorium Capacity. Enquire within.